The BRIGHT™ Soccer Ball

This is completely new to the market, no one has ever seen this, so be the first and surprise all your friends, family and followers with the coolest ball they've ever seen!

The ball lights up your phone screen if you take a photo / video with your mobile with 'flash' on, you can make the coolest content without any editing work. Showing your soccer skills on social media has never been more striking than now!

The BRIGHT soccer ball can be used both indoors and outdoors and is certainly suitable for a game of soccer on the field! The ball has the same size as a standard soccer ball (size 5). Are you a soccer player, a freestyler or just a soccer fan, this ball is for you!

How does it work?

The BRIGHT soccer ball is made of high quality reflective leather with a holographic effect and has the feel and resilience of a normal soccer ball. The ball appears black when it is completely dark and no light is shined on it, but when you take a photo / video with flash, the ball lights up your phone screen.

The ball can also be seen luminous with your naked eye if, for example, you play a game of football outside during the day!

We know what a difference a good soccer ball makes on the pitch, so we spent months perfecting the BRIGHT Soccer ball.

We promise it plays as good as it looks, get yours today!

 👉Our Guarantee

BRIGHT is committed to bringing the most innovative ball to the market and we want to make sure you can be a part of it without any risk. This is how:

We offer 24/7 ticket and e-mail support, feel free to contact We're here to help :)

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Delivery Time

The expected delivery time is within 24 hours. Ordered before 23:00? Then you'll get the ball in the house tomorrow! But do you have any questions about shipping? Please feel free to contact Our customer service will help you within 24 hours:)